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07 May 2010


With the weather warming up my mind has been all about the backyard. We've got the grill and we've got the table, the Nordanö from Ikea. All we need now is chairs.  In typical Ikea fashion they were completely sold out of the Blankö which would have been a perfect low cost solution to seating. This led me to search online where I came across Fermob furniture from France. Le Sigh. So lovely. Luxembourg Gardens in my own backyard! But at $198 for a set of two Bistro chairs or a whopping $630 for a set of two Luxembourg chairs they are, as the French would say, trop cher.  For some reason I love the idea of white or brightly colored (yellow!) chairs with the wooden table.  Is there somewhere else I should be looking? Extra points to the person who can find me a black and white striped patio umbrella!

From left to right: Fermob Bistro Chair, Ikea Blankö, Fermob Luxembourg Chair

images via Ikea and

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