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05 February 2011


That got your attention. Actually only the blog is moving.
crafting a home can now be found at

02 February 2011


I'm still here. I swear.

You know those blogs where people blog every day and they have a new crafty project they've done or they redecorate a room in a matter of days? Here I am almost a year later and I have to say, in my world, it doesn't happen that fast. I'm just not sure how they do it. But there is good news. Things are actually happening, and if I just get over my Virgo tendencies to have everything perfect and finished, you'll see.

For now, I'll post a crappy phone peek of the desk sexiness we found on Etsy that is sitting in the mess of our office right now. Once we get it sorted out I'll show you the whole room.

02 June 2010


Apartment Therapy is no secret in the world of home decor blogs. I've been a loyal reader for quite some time, so naturally I turned to them with a question I've been pondering since moving in. Luckily, they considered it a "Good Question."

Check out the reader answers here: Can Dark Walls Work With Dark Wood Molding?

And here is a picture of the room in question.  Please try to ignore the temporary tables, the unpacked boxes and the haphazardly hung pictures on leftover hooks. But totally take notice of the alien cats, uh I mean molding.

17 May 2010


Everyone who knows me knows I try hard to live by Martha's rules.  It can sometimes make me (and Mr. Eric) crazy.  But it's fun to strive and it's good to have goals right?  Last week on Home Design with Kevin Sharkey, Kevin, the decorating guru at Martha Stewart posted 10 Lessons He Learned from Martha.  Well, I've also learned a lot from Martha about crafting, baking and throwing a mean Halloween party. But, as a new home owner I'm finding that there are a whole lot of other things I need to know now that I've never even thought about before. If anyone can teach me, it's Martha. So without further ado, here is my list:

10 Lessons I Need to Learn from Martha
  1. How to plant a vegetable garden
  2. How to make pretty covers for my radiators
  3. How to tile a floor, a backsplash and a fireplace
  4. How to repair plaster walls
  5. How to load a dishwasher
  6. How to maintain a fireplace and start a proper fire
  7. How to unclog the drain of an old tub without a removable drain cover. Grrr.
  8. How to repair window screens
  9. How to prune a seriously overgrown rhododendron
  10. How to remove and then hopefully hang (new and pretty) wallpaper.

    I know with Martha's help I'll be able to start checking things off this list soon. Fingers crossed.
      images via

      11 May 2010


      I'm dying.  Can you stand it?  This table is a dream.
      In fact, I said to Mr. Eric weeks ago that I wanted a rough wood table with metal legs and casters. Please God, let it fit in my dining room.

      And while we're at it, can we talk about this chair?

      Yes please.

      And on a side note, you know what?  Decorating a house is hard.  It's making me realize how completely indecisive I can be at times.  But I am learning.  What I am learning is that things you love will give you serious gut reactions like that table up there.  They'll make you swoon.  They'll make you ooh and aah.  And if you don't do that, it's probably not worth spending money on. We're in no hurry.  We've got, hopefully, many happy years in which to fill this house with items we cherish and items that will last us a long time.  But it's fun looking and it's also fun to dream.  (I'm winking at you gorgeous dome chair, let's hang out.  Preferably in my living room.)

      images via Restoration Hardware
      and big hugs to Remodelista for blogging that table first.
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