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11 May 2010


I'm dying.  Can you stand it?  This table is a dream.
In fact, I said to Mr. Eric weeks ago that I wanted a rough wood table with metal legs and casters. Please God, let it fit in my dining room.

And while we're at it, can we talk about this chair?

Yes please.

And on a side note, you know what?  Decorating a house is hard.  It's making me realize how completely indecisive I can be at times.  But I am learning.  What I am learning is that things you love will give you serious gut reactions like that table up there.  They'll make you swoon.  They'll make you ooh and aah.  And if you don't do that, it's probably not worth spending money on. We're in no hurry.  We've got, hopefully, many happy years in which to fill this house with items we cherish and items that will last us a long time.  But it's fun looking and it's also fun to dream.  (I'm winking at you gorgeous dome chair, let's hang out.  Preferably in my living room.)

images via Restoration Hardware
and big hugs to Remodelista for blogging that table first.


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! And if you get that chair, I will give you a standing ovation.

  2. Sharon, sadly I think that chair will remain a very expensive dream. And, the table shown was too large. Luckily it comes in a smaller size, which not only fits but it saved me 400 smackaroos. Come August, (backordered, wah) dinner at my place! P.S. I heart coupon codes. ALWAYS find and use a coupon code!

  3. googling coupon codes has probably saved me hundreds of dollars in my life. they're amazing.

    what couch did you guys get? your house is a mystery to me. i want to see some before photos and then some after photos. i am demanding!

  4. Crystal, the house is nowhere near ready for any before and after shots. It's most definitely still a "before" and will probably be for quite some time. Slow and steady. Don't worry though. I have some projects coming up and promise to photograph.


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