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17 May 2010


Everyone who knows me knows I try hard to live by Martha's rules.  It can sometimes make me (and Mr. Eric) crazy.  But it's fun to strive and it's good to have goals right?  Last week on Home Design with Kevin Sharkey, Kevin, the decorating guru at Martha Stewart posted 10 Lessons He Learned from Martha.  Well, I've also learned a lot from Martha about crafting, baking and throwing a mean Halloween party. But, as a new home owner I'm finding that there are a whole lot of other things I need to know now that I've never even thought about before. If anyone can teach me, it's Martha. So without further ado, here is my list:

10 Lessons I Need to Learn from Martha
  1. How to plant a vegetable garden
  2. How to make pretty covers for my radiators
  3. How to tile a floor, a backsplash and a fireplace
  4. How to repair plaster walls
  5. How to load a dishwasher
  6. How to maintain a fireplace and start a proper fire
  7. How to unclog the drain of an old tub without a removable drain cover. Grrr.
  8. How to repair window screens
  9. How to prune a seriously overgrown rhododendron
  10. How to remove and then hopefully hang (new and pretty) wallpaper.

    I know with Martha's help I'll be able to start checking things off this list soon. Fingers crossed.
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