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09 April 2010


On our honeymoon Mr. Eric and I went to lovely Santorini, Greece. We stayed at an amazing hotel in Oia called Perivolas.  How much plaster, concrete and white paint do you think it would take for us to get our house to look like this?  We may even have to bleach the cats (totally kidding.)

Especially beautiful was the lighting.

We hit the Monastiriki flea market in Athens, which is where we were told the owner buys his lamps, but we came back sadly empty handed.  Even so, I find myself remembering back to those rooms when I think about the feeling I'd love our house to have.  Effortless, natural and inviting.

1 comment:

  1. Check out for well made retro lighting. Maybe not quite like this but lovely. I've only been to Europe once, to Sicily, but I fell in love with the simplicity of their decor - wood, tile, fabric. Not a lot of pieces, or layers, but so inviting and comfortable.


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