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05 April 2010


It's 2 weeks in and we are finally starting to think about painting.  And boy does this place need it.  While looking at swatches last night I realized that our trim and ceilings need painting desperately as well.  We'll go with white for the trim, but the ceiling has me thinking.  Does it have to be white?  What about the walls and ceiling in the same color?  It seems like it could be cozy for a bedroom as long as the color is not too dark. We're leaning towards light neutrals. Thoughts?

image via House Beautiful


  1. do the rooms have moldings at all? or just trim around the windows? i like the IDEA of ceilings in colors but it seems difficult. my friend johnny's neighbor painted a huge painting on his ceiling on a red background. it looks pretty cool actually.

  2. Crystal, in the bedrooms there are only thick baseboards and window moldings. No moldings between walls and ceiling. I think we're going to try it in one room to start and see how it goes and how we like it. I am going to drive Eric NUTS with my experiments.


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