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25 March 2010


or when this:
turns into this:

We moved. And yes, it was entirely as hellish as one could imagine.  No matter how organized you think you are, moving out of a place after 8 years will throw your world into total chaos.  And it did.

BUT, we have some amazing friends and family and without them the day would have been 10,000 times worse.  So super big thanks go out to Eric's parents, Sue, Tim and Lauren.  They worked tirelessly for 6 hours to help us pack and lug all our junk down 3 flights of stairs.  Andrea, John and Tyler helped us unload on the other end.  And the superstar of the day was Bob.  He drove the insanely huge truck that thankfully grew 8 feet from the time of the reservation through Manhattan and got our goods safely to our new door.

** mini shout-out to Weetzie who decided to add peeing to her car ride repertoire of pooping.  she's a peach! 

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