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07 April 2010


So yesterday at the bodega the counter guy snuck a peek at the NJ Transit pass in my wallet while I was paying and gave me a "You from New Jersey?"  Immediately I got defensive and gave him a "Why?" which I really wanted to be a "No!" or a "Well, I just moved there" or even better a "You shut your mouth!"  Then I had a scare that maybe I looked Jersey already.  In two weeks I had grown a pouf or turned into a Real Housewife.  Thankfully, it was only the pass.  But what's funny about my defensiveness is that I AM actually from New Jersey.  Born and raised.  15 years of New York will sometimes make you forget that.
image via Bravo TV


  1. You could also just have him whacked. it's the Jersey-way.

  2. You are so not Jersey. Unless you get a perm and start wearing pink lipstick, in which case...well I just want to see that, is all.

  3. what do you mean by "start," laura?


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