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17 March 2010


So it actually happened.  We bought a house. Lil' ol' us.  Can you believe it?  I certainly can't and that's probably why, 3 days away from the big move, my mood has been jumping from sheer excitement to sheer terror.  Deep breaths.

The closing was pretty uneventful.  Except for a little "bank's not ready" scare, we closed on time.  I didn't know what I expected a closing to be but what it is is approximately 30 minutes of signing your name and then you hemorrhage money.  Fun right?

Even more fun, packing.  Yup, that is what we do.  We pack and we tape and we purge and we pack. Mr. Eric lifts, I take anti-inflammatories.  And because packing is time consuming and tiring we decided no cooking this week.  Instead we've embarked on one last delivery tour of Greenpoint / Williamsburg!  (Maybe embarked it not the right word since we aren't leaving the house. Whatevs. Details, details.) We've covered pizza, Thai, then pizza again.  We'll round out the week with some Vegan sandwiches and possibly some Chinese food.  We shall hug all our delivery men goodbye and then we will tend to our heartburn.

The point is, we are home owners!  Yippee...Holy Crap...Yippee...Holy Crap!

1 comment:

  1. can you believe that planet thai closed?? they left before i could tell them goodbye.


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