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22 January 2010


This all started back in the year 2009 (remember that one?)  It was May, Mr. Eric and I were happily engaged and we were planning a "craft your pants off" wedding.  For some reason, amidst all that craziness we decided it might be a good time to buy a house too.  That tax credit was calling our name and our overfilled closets were begging for mercy.  Nine months later, here we are, married and about to ditch our Brooklyn lives for greener pastures.  Let's hope it doesn't kill us.
I'm writing this because we've learned a lot along the way and we've got a whole lot more learning to go.  Plus if this all pans out, there is going to be lots of DIY madness and crafty goodness to share. It might be fun to document the bumpy road ahead and maybe even help some other young folks contemplating ditching city life for a quieter existence.  Or it will scare the crap out of them.  We shall see.

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